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Port Charlotte Air Conditioning


Good Service comes in many forms, from the very first phone contact until the serviceman leaves. When you select Tommy’s Air Conditioning of Port Charlotte as your Port Charlotte Air Conditioning Company, you can count on the fact that you’ll have the benefit of 50 years of experience and Port Charlotte’s …..”Best in the Business”….. personal, friendly service.


Our team is available to provide same day and emergency air conditioning repair 7 days a week across the Port Charlotte – Punta Gorda – North Port – Englewood area. You can expect one of our friendly, professional technicians to arrive in a fully-stocked state-of-the-art van that’s literally a ‘Warehouse On Wheels’, so we can repair your air conditioning system quickly and get your home comfortable again.

New Installations

To make sure the unit you select is the right size for your home, Tommy’s does an electronic load calculation estimate to determine the exact type of heat and air conditioning system that’s just right for your home–we don’t just replace it with the same size unit you currently have. These calculations take into consideration things such as the size of your home, its exposure to the sun and wind, the number and size of windows, how well insulated it is and more. This step is essential so the unit isn’t too small or too large–both waste energy.


Our team has an extensive history with commercial HVAC in and around the Port Charlotte – Punta Gorda – North Port – Englewood area. We understand SW Florida climate, and the service and systems that are needed to keep up with the extreme weather that we love (and sometimes hate) here in Florida. For prompt, professional and effective service, Tommy’s is the very best choice for all commercial projects.

Replacement Installations

If your air conditioner is more than 8 years old, repair is probably not worth the expense, unless it’s a simple problem like a clogged condenser unit or a worn fan belt. An 8-10 year old a/c system could suck up to twice the electricity that even a low-end new one would use. That’s because it operates at or below 10 SEER, (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), which is the amount of energy needed to provide a specific cooling output. Until 2006, 10 SEER was standard, but these days, the minimum allowed by federal law is 13 SEER. That translates to 30% less electrical consumption and 30% lower cooling bills than equipment installed just a few years ago.


We are reliable & responsive Air Conditioning team committed to react immediately to the call of a Restaurant, Store or Retailer. We understand the stress felt when your systems fails, and that your cooler inventory is at risk, or the discomfort of your patrons is leading them out the door to your competitors. Let that anxiety dissipate when we show up to promptly get things back on track to your normal business routine,

Air Conditioning Repairs

We understand that you have many choices when it comes to picking an HVAC service provider to handle any heating & air conditioning repair. Our mission is to create a unique and memorable experience from the member of Tommy’s team that will leave our customers feeling compelled to tell their family, friends, and neighbors about their unique experience. Also, be aware that our competitors Repair Technicians are on quotas to obtain new installations per month, and we are not. If repairs are in order, they are promptly and efficiently performed.

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